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Ice Queen from Adventure Time at Fanime 2012.

Costume by me, photo by Jason of i360.

This past weekend, I cosplayed as Ice Queen at Fanime. Time for a makeup breakdown! (Note: I forgot my lightning-eyebrows at home and had to improvise. Next time!)

Laura Mercier (LM) Foundation Primer (applied with fingers)
soap down eyebrows (I was trying to make them invisible, but it didn’t really work so I ended up painting them in later)
LM Secret Camouflage & Secret Concealer (applied with LM concealer brush)
Stila One Step Makeup (applied with Sonia Kashuk flat top stipple brush)
MAC Studio Fix in Shivering White (applied with e.l.f. powder brush, makeup sponges, or Stila eyeshadow brush #5 depending on where it was going)
e.l.f. HD powder (applied everywhere with LM cheek colour brush)
Stila Borealis to contour face and cheeks (the navy half, applied with MAC 168)
Urban Decay Primer Potion (applied with fingers)
MAC Gesso eyeshadow (Stila #5, all over lid)
Stila Borealis eyeshadow duo (medium blue on lid, navy in the crease, applied with Stila #30 double-ended brush, cleaned up with a fan brush—lot of fallout on this one)
LM Black Ebony cake liner on upper lashline (applied with LM flat eyeliner brush)
Stila Fiber Optics mascara in black
Stila Smudge Pot in Cobalt (applied with a short angled brush to eyebrows, filling them back in)
Jack Black lip balm (so my mouth doesn’t die with the additional crap I’m putting on)
Stila Smudge Pot in Cobalt (Stila #6 lip brush, line and fill in lips)
Stars Makeup Haven 1492 (patted on lips using a sponge tip applicator)

The contacts I’m wearing are Dolly Eyes in Blue.

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