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(Profile photo: Amanda Conner's toilet seat art from Isotope Comics.)
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  • thehussy: oh my god galbee
  • thehussy: morning glories
  • thehussy: I felt like my brain was running out of my ears
  • galbee: LOLOLOLOL
  • galbee: you should find that one guy and yell at him
  • galbee: I told K about how you were not enjoying it and she said she tried to read it and could not get past page 3
  • thehussy: I don't even understand why it needed to be a comic book.
  • thehussy: the artwork is so static and bland and ugh
  • thehussy: I'm guessing if you tried to put it down in prose it'd be too obvious with all the flaws?
  • thehussy: I don't know
  • thehussy: but jesus
  • thehussy: so bad
  • thehussy: I don't think I'll be able to review it, it was so bad and I just want to get it away from me
  • galbee: HAHAHAHA
  • thehussy: hijinx has a used comics shelf, maybe I'll try and sell it back or something
  • thehussy: except then someone else might buy it
  • thehussy: and I would feel bad for that person
  • galbee: LOL
  • galbee: At least the creator won't get money
  • galbee: because only good people deserve money
  • thehussy: SO TERRIBLE
  • thehussy: and now I'm just irrationally angry at everything just thinking about it
  • galbee: LOL
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